What We Expect from our Shoppers & Market Researchers

Platinum Global Market Research is one of the largest global Muystery Shopping and Market Research Companies today. Our clients are our priority and our services are to be second to none. We pride ourselves on providing true, accurate and honest feedback within the deadline provided.

  • You must be honest and be able to give accurate feedback.
  • Be punctual - You must be on time (if not early) to complete and submit your assignment.
  • Be prepared to respond to any communications from your Campaign Manager or Reviewer within a timely manner.
  • We expect you to carefully review the questions, instructions, guidelines and training specifics of each assignment.
  • We expect you to be discreet at all times when visiting a client's site.
  • Stay undercover and ensure completing the assignment as the profile of the shopper or market researcher
  • All reports must be completed accurately and submitted within 8 hours (or as requested by client) of completing the assignment.
  • All reports must be completed using full sentences as required and include detailed comments where requested.

Any change to your personal details (address, Paypal, email details etc) must be updated in your Shopper Profile immediately to ensure communication and payments are processed efficiently.

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