What Is Involved With Mystery Shopping or Market Research

Not everyone is suitable for a career in Mystery Shopping or Market Research – PGMR prides itself on offering the very best shoppers & market researchers available to our clients - it’s what separates us from the competition! We receive hundreds of applications every week and we require all our shoppers to complete our security and personal information application form and provide details and proof of ID before moving to the next stage in the application process. 

As a shopper you will work closely with your Campaign Managers and Reviewers who will provide you with ongoing training with your reports, assignment completion and provide feedback on your completed submissions as required. All assignments differ and each assignment will have its own instructions, guidelines, directions, training, one on one training etc. depending on what our clients requirements are.

Upon completing the registration and training process, you will then have access to your own Shopper Profile within our system, accessible by your own personal login and password. You will have access to the jobs that are available in your area and be able to apply for the job that suits you. Your application will be assessed and if you are the right person for the job, you will be assigned the job by the Campaign Manager. Your login houses your assignments, instructions, location, training manuals, guidelines, contact details and payment history. Your Reviewer and Campaign Managers will offer ongoing assistance and training as well as follow up as required, to ensure you complete your assignments on time and with accurate details.

Assignments will require:

  • Expertise
  • Honesty
  • Experience
  • True and accurate feedback
  • Accuracy in your details and timings
  • Customer profiled role playing
  • Observe and assess whilst working undercover
  • Memory recall after observation

You must:

  • Be Punctual
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Reliable
  • Complete jobs within the assignment dead lines
  • Work within tight timeline
  • Be Aware of Urgency
  • Possess a Professional Attitude
  • Be Discreet
  • Recognise and Follow Policies and Procedures
  • Possess Excellent Communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Enjoy working with and interacting with people
  • Enjoy working for a professional and dynamic company

Must have:

  • Any or these – Computer/ laptop/ tablet/ iPad 
  • Mobile Phone 
  • Scanner (Not Necessary if you can use a mobile device to take photos and email)
  • Email
  • Internet Access
  • Printer (Not Always Necessary)
  • Access to Transport (either private or public)
  • Valid PayPal Account

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