Q: What is Mystery Shopping/Market Research?

A: Mystery Shopping and/or Market Research allows Companies to gather key information about their business, product and employee performance from the eyes of a customer. It is completely anonymous and helps the Company understand what their customer’s thoughts, wants and needs are, to help their business grow.

Q: What will be expected of me?

A: Please see: Our Shopper Expectations

Q: How can I become a Mystery Shopper or Market Researcher?

A: Register an application! We recommend you read: Join the Team! What Is Involved With Mystery Shopping or Market Research and ensure you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Should your application be successful, you will receive your username and access details to the Shopper Portal.

Q: Why have I not received emails from Platinum Global Market Research?

A: Are we in your email address book? Please ensure you add to your email address book and allowed domains list, so our emails are not accidentally sent to your email spam filter.

Q: Why do you need to know what I look like?

A: Companies occasionally request a specific Shopper/Market Researchers profile. For example, a hair salon may need to colour someone's hair blonde so the profile for the Shopper will be blonde hair.

Q: Why do I need proof of ID?

A: We need to establish your identity to ensure that any sensitive information or your own personal details are true and correct. Providing proof of identification also ensures your own personal information is never compromised by unauthorised access to your Shopper Portal. We need to verify your identity to process your Contractor payments.

Q: Is the information I provide in my application secure?

A: Your application information is saved in Platinum Global Market Research security system and is not available to nor shared with any other persons or companies. PGMR only uses the information you provide to assist with our recruitment of Mystery Shoppers/Researchers. Please read our privacy statement for more detail.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: We pay all Shoppers and Researchers globally, via PayPal. Due to PayPal restrictions in some countries, International money transaction (country specific) such as Western Union may be utilised. We do not pay by any other means, including cheque or direct debit bank transfer. You would therefore need to set up a PayPal account before you start your first assignment.

Pays are not processed until all required aspects of your assignment have been successfully completed, submitted and approval by the relevant Campaign Manager, within the relevant time frame.

Q: How is payment calculated?

A: Before you apply and accept an assignment, the payment and reimbursement amount (if applicable) for a successfully completed job will be listed. This amount varies depending on how in-depth the requirements are. Remuneration may be in the form of job payment or reimbursement to a certain amount, or a combination of the two.

Q: How many assignments can I expect to receive?

A: PGMR have thousands of assignments all over the world and our Shoppers are graded on their work.  We are unable to guarantee the volume of assignments, or continual regular work, as availabilities are dependent on our client requirements and frequencies, however we usually have many quick turnaround assignments or last minute jobs available. Please note that an application does not guarantee you will be assigned that particular job. Your previous submission history, shopper rotation requirements and other client requirements are all taken into account when assigning jobs to applicants. Establishing a good report submission history will increase the volume of work assigned to you. 

Q: What is an ABN (Australian Business Number)?

A: If you live and work within Australia, an ABN helps you and businesses you deal with keep track of payments, and makes it easier for businesses and the ATO to interact.

• AUSTRALIAN APPLICANTS - If you do not have an ABN, you must list this as a hobby or complete a statement by supplier form. We are unable to advise you of your taxation reporting requirements, therefore you may wish to seek advice.

• NEW ZEALAND APPLICANTS – You will be required to advise your Inland Revenue Department before undertaking your first assignment. We are unable to advise you of your taxation reporting requirements, therefore you may wish to seek advice.

• ALL OTHER APPLICANTS (for ALL countries) - We are unable to advise you of your taxation reporting requirements, therefore you may wish to seek advice.

Q: As a Shopper/Market Researcher, am I employed by PGMR?

A: No. All Shoppers/Researchers are hired as Independent Contractors. You are responsible for your own taxation, superannuation and expenses. As a Contractor, there is no guarantee of ongoing work and your Contractors Agreement can be cancelled at any time if any of the Terms and Conditions of the Contractors Agreement are breached.

Q: Do I have to pay my own tax? (Australian residents only)

A: Only if you earn over $18,200 on this income annually. This is your responsibility as a sub-contractor for Platinum Global Market Research.

Q: How does you know what suburbs I am prepared to travel too?

A: Platinum Global Market Research assign jobs all over the world. Our system sends notifications to Shoppers based on the distance you specify on your profile, however you can view all jobs available globally when you are logged in – so, in addition to your normal region, if you are travelling, or have friends or family in other regions, anyone can complete jobs globally! Once you have logged in, go to the ‘Open Opportunities’ section and you will be able to view details for the assignments and Apply.

Q: After I receive an email informing me there is a job in my area, when I login in there is no shop available. Why is this?

A: You have to be quick! When you receive an email informing you there is a job available in your area you need to login and apply for the assignment. If the available job is no longer listed it means that another Shopper has already requested and been assigned the job.

Q: Why do I have to turn my popup blocker off?

A: Our online system will not work with popup blockers

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