With professional and experienced teams to work with you in the development and management of your campaigns and projects, Platinum Global Market Research can provide all of your Market Research needs.

Your business success relies on reliable knowledge of your customers and clients, as well as comprehensive information with regard to your industry trends and your competitors. Here at Platinum Global Market Research, your business success is our business success. We are here to ensure your business development is based on sound data collection, accurate reporting and verifiable results at an unrivalled level.

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  • Mystery Shopping

    Assess your business from a customers point of view. This will be done via onsite visits, phone calls or online interactions. Online reporting, personalised surveys and relevant up-to-date data ensures you receive honest and concise customer feedback. Understand what your customers experience when they visit your business.

  • Customer Service Evaluations

    Evaluate your in-house customer service to ensure that the needs of your customers and clients are being met and/or exceeded. Are your customers happy with your current standards? Are your staff representing your business in the best possible way? Customer service evaluations provide you with these answers and more.

  • Focus Groups

    Have your product, service or topic discussed by a group of profiled participants. Our skilled facilitators work with each group to stimulate relevant discussion, often discovering the unexpected, which can significantly help your business to move forward.

  • Competitor Evaluations

    Knowledge of your competitors is paramount and helps you to remain current and at the forefront of your industry. We provide objective, valuable data and information on your competitors, allowing you to stay ahead in the marketplace. In addition, information that is otherwise unavailable, can be provided to you in a demonstrable manner.

  • Consumer Exit Interviews

    Interviewing your customers during, or immediately after their service or product experience, is an invaluable tool. Accurate details are recalled instantly, providing honest feedback, with experiences recorded and data acquired.

  • Employee Feedback

    Exit surveys allow your organisation to plan employee retention strategies, saving valuable time, money and other resources. With our exit survey tool, we will assess why an employee has left the organisation. This provides you with usable data to assist in charting historical trends and determining exit factors for relevant business change and development.

  • Product Evaluations

    To assist in long term planning, we will evaluate your products. These can be new, existing or start up products. We will assess and compare competitors’ products, providing feedback and honest opinion via phone, online, onsite, or by supplying your test samples to profiled customers.

  • Online Evaluations and Surveys

    Online evaluations will be undertaken via desktop, mobile devices, tablets or iPads, mobile apps and the web, as well as social media. We complete online evaluations using the latest technology to acquire instant and honest feedback. This allows us to generate reports from your customers’ experience or assessment, using your specified parameters.

  • Branding Research

    We will provide you with the status of your current brand and brand comparison to competitors and undertake the testing of new products. In addition, we will investigate new market opportunities, brand placement and brand impact to consumers and employees. Brand impact exploration can also be part of our brief. We work to your business needs at all times.

  • Market Research

    We will provide analytical and statistical data collection and reporting with extensive research on your products, regions, industries, technologies, service and trends, giving you a better insight to your target market and performance in your sector.

  • Social Media Research

    Customer feedback and discussion on social media is currently an invaluable tool in market research. Customer surveys and links allow existing or new customers access to provide credible feedback. Marketing tools for business include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram.

  • Industry and Demographic Research

    We will provide you with data to ensure the understanding of demographics within an area and to identify growth and new opportunities for your company. Industry analysis to examine and compare, see trends, sector performance and changes within industries can also be included.

  • New Business or Product Research

    Before starting up a new business or launching a new product, you must research your market, consumers, clients and competitors. This assists informed decision making, assessing your potential market, size of competitors, usefulness and correct positioning of your product or service.

  • Call Centre Q and A

    This will enable you to assess your business services, products, opinions, habits and trends, by gathering information from your new or existing customers and clients or profiled participants.

  • Data Processing

    Have your market research data assessed, cleansed, entered and uploaded in your preferred format. This affords a higher data accuracy rate, which is both quick and efficient.

  • Interview and Data Group Transcribing

    We transcribe the information from your focus groups and interviews, providing qualitative and quantitative data as well as video and audio stream recordings. Auto or manual transcribing would be utilised to ensure accuracy and true results, after which an overall report will be provided.

  • Loyalty Research

    Loyalty research helps you understand your consumers’, clients’ and employees’ loyalty. It also allows you to quantify and manage your relationships, services, products and business by identifying needs and preferences.

  • Market Research Reporting and Data Management

    Analyse and manage your data within a reporting system, utilising a variety of reporting tools. These can include dashboards, accumulative reporting, graphing, scorecards, custom drill down reports, custom rollups, trending, ranking, demographic reporting, verbatim and company overview. In addition, there are many more reporting tools which could be tailored to suit your company's individual data requirements.

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