Platinum Global Market Research develops and manages large and small Market Research and Mystery Shopping Campaigns worldwide.  We recognise that each Campaign is very different and will tailor your Campaign to your requirements. We work closely with each of our clients to develop Surveys, Reports, Demographic Reporting Data, Action Plans and formats to best suit your individual needs.

You will be able to choose from over 30 Pre-Formatted reports or request a customised report formatted to your reporting or monitoring requirements.

Platinum Global Market Research gives you the option to keep it simple or drill down into your results to formulate in-depth reports showcasing trends and fluctuations for each aspect of your Campaign.

Click on the link below to view The Platinum Global Market Research Video detailing some of our features and reporting.


Platinum Global Market Research Reporting Tools and Features

  • View an introduction to some of our Market Research and Mystery Shopping reporting and tracking benefits and functions
  • View reporting, data and analysis capabilities by using over 30 different types of pre-formatted reports and the ability to customize your own personal company report formatting.
  • Create hierarchy access at all Company levels with approved accesses and access to many different report styles with visual presentation, graphs, charts and quantitative summaries.  All reports can be developed and distributed in many different formats .xls .pdf .html or .png imaging.
  • Business Analysis gives you the ability to view many styles of reporting and the ability to assess your Campaign results, trends and standards. The reporting data can be customised by you or your Platinum Global Market Research Campaign Coordinator on your behalf.  Drill down into multiple levels, multidimensional presentation, exceptions analysis, filter any dimensions and colour marking saving into a secure file.
  • Your data will always be real time offering one click download.
  • Customising your reports has never been easier! You can customise your own reports or have you PGMR Campaign Coordinator manage this for you during or at the end of your Campaigns. Reporting titles and choices can be named and customised to suit your business, industry, product or anything you like, to ensure your reports are to your Company Campaign requirements and needs. Filter your fields and choose your visualization type.
  • Report Distribution capabilities and quality control all surveys/questionnaires, group analysis feedback, product assessment data reports results etc… are completed then the results are entered and saved automatically into our secure data system. Each of the results are reviewed, analysed and qualified by your Campaign Reviewers to ensure accurate results and data entry.  Each report is validated and then made available by your personal login to your customised portal though our website secure login 24/7 access. All results can be emailed or printed and saved in many formats by approved Managers.
  • Reliability and security for your peace of mind, all data is secured within our high level state of the art platform. All based on the Microsoft leading edge technology, reliability, availability, scalability and flexibility. 24/7 system monitoring and no down time required for any new system updates. Our software data base is secured and protected by the Microsoft SQL Server, the fastest secure and reliable data base engines available today with hourly back up.
  • Contact Us - Contact Platinum Global Business Solutions to discuss how our services will help you and your business.  To learn more or for a no obligation free quote, contact us today!

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