• You will be notified of available assignments via email or web site.
  • All assignments must be accepted or declined within 24 hours of the assignment being allocated otherwise the job may be allocated to another shopper/ market researcher, without further notice.
  • Assignments will be assigned to the shoppers/ market researchers best suited to the assignment specifics i.e. customer request, highly graded shopper/ market researchers etc.
  • All instructions from the client must be adhered to, no variations will be accepted. Failure to follow the client's instructions may result in non payment for the assignment.
  • All reimbursement receipts must be faxed or emailed to Head Office on the same day you submit your report.  If your receipt is not received within 24 hrs of completing the assignment, your payment maybe cancelled or withheld (if applicable).
  • All Contractors are to keep a copy of receipts for a period of twelve (12) months.
  • Surveys must be submitted within eight (8) hours of completing the assignment. Failure to do so may result cancellation of the assignment.
  • Random Mystery Shops/ assessments will be done on you as a Shopper/ Market researcher to ensure we provide our clients the best of standards
  • Completion of all surveys must be clear and concise; failure to do so may result in surveys being sent back to you for clarification or non payment for the assignment.
  • If you are assigned a job, it is an expectation you will respond to your Campaign Managers as required, in a timely manner. Non-communication may be seen as possible non-attendance and the job may be cancelled without payment and re-assigned to another shopper.

Remember, our success is judged by our clients’ success!

We expect you to complete an assignment as required, and submit your reports and invoices as requested, in order that we can provide the high level of service demanded by our clients. Failure to follow instructions or meet any of the requirements may result in non-payment for a particular assignment and your shopper rating reduced.

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