Mystery Shopping started early in the 1940’s by providing feedback to businesses to help measure their employee integrity by their customers honest opinion. Here at Platinum Global Market Research, we work closely with local, national and global companies by tailoring Mystery Shopping Campaigns across all industries.  We will structure a solution to suit your business and market placement.

Mystery Shopping Campaigns are developed around your business and staff targets.  We listen to your goals, assess your industry and offer options on how to best assess your team, product, marketing, competitors, sales and services.  There are many ways to assess your business space using many different tools such as written questionnaires and customer feedback, video, audio, phone, web, surveys, exit interviews and focus groups, just to name a few.

Platinum Global Market Research is one of the largest Mystery Shopping Companies globally.  Our team will work with you to develop your survey/ questionnaire and co-ordinate our team of experienced mystery shoppers to provide true and accurate evaluations, feedback and data that will help you drive business growth and monitor the level of service provided to customers.

Our shoppers are vetted and trained to ensure true and accurate feedback within a timely manner. Each shopper receives ongoing feedback and training on a regular basis and our Campaign Managers follow up each shopper to ensure assignments are completed on time and to the highest possible standard.

Our shoppers are provided detailed instructions, parameters and guidelines and must participate in any training requirements prior to being deployed in your Campaign. Our trained, professional shoppers come from all demographics and areas, both rural and metro, so you are safe in the knowledge we can cover your location requirements.

By utilising anonymous Customer Service Evaluations, the information you derive from the feedback will assist with staff training, sales, product placement, product sales, marketing success, competitor insight, franchisee management and monitoring, KPI structure and benchmarks and provide you a real time ‘snapshot’ of your market share and projections.

We are excited to announce that Platinum Global Business Solutions have acquired ShopAngels Mystery Shopping Company.
ShopAngels PTY LTD was a leading, full-service International Mystery Shopping and Market Research provider, offering a range of complementary services to small and corporate industries and is now a part of the Platinum Global Business Solutions services.

Contact Platinum Global Business Solutions today to discuss how our services will help you and your business or for a no obligation free quote and learn more about the benefits of working with us.

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