Platinum Global Debt Management utilises a variety of different debt recovery services and management tools, providing many benefits to your business.

Don’t allow debt collection to detract from your business. With Platinum Global Debt Management services you reap the benefits of money in your account whilst maintaining positive relationships with your clients and customers.

We also ensure that if your debtors are not committed to following through with payments, costing your business time and money, Platinum Global Debt Management will work through proven avenues to recover your money.

Our professional debt management team is experienced and ready to enhance your business in many ways. We do this by providing services such as risk assessment, prevention, reporting requirements, management of your debt recovery processes and retrieval of your money. We work closely with your debtors, ensuring your business relationship remains strong while your accounts remain up to date.

Our services

  • Debt Management and Support
  • Debt Recovery
  • International Debt Recovery
  • Debt Mediation
  • Commercial Property Debt Recovery
  • Commercial Repossession
  • Register Defaults
  • Credit History Reporting
  • Cross Directorship
  • Government Reports
  • Company Changes and Update Reporting
  • Monitoring and Alerts
  • High Risk Summary
  • Legal Advice

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